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We’d love for you to check out our initial public offerings…

On Techworker today, organizer and software engineer Raksha Muthukumar explains how to ease the internal conflicts that arise when coworkers organize. Veronica Irwin asks whether UX design really can fix tech’s misinformation problem and also examines tech workers’ crisis of morale in a post-Trump world. Yael Eisenstat reflects on her time as Facebook’s global head of elections integrity operations and calls for an end to the segregation of company’s moderators from the rest of its workforce.

And there’s so much more: Don’t miss the first two grotesquely fascinating installments of Meat Suit, Leigh Cowart’s column on what tech work does to our bodies, or Alexis Schwartz’s look into the perverse relationship between Amazon and the U.S. food assistance program. We’re also updating throughout the day with links to the biggest tech worker-related stories around the web.

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