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Dan Raile

Techworker Podcast: Claire Stapleton and Ifeoma Ozoma

In this week’s podcast Techworker columnist and Google walkout veteran Claire Stapleton talks with Ifeoma Ozoma. They discuss Ozoma's experience as a whistleblower at Pinterest and the California bill she co-sponsored, the Silenced No More Act, which would expand whistleblower protections and roll back the power of nondisclosure agreements.


Techworker Podcast: Amazon succeeds in crushing union effort

In this week's episode of the Techworker podcast, Paul and Dan discuss Amazon's success in crushing the effort by union workers in Alabama. Also: A tough week for Google, Uber, and Deliveroo.


Techworker Podcast Ep1

In the debut issue of the Techworker podcast, Paul and Dan discuss Uber's new deal in the UK, the difficulties (or not) with convincing tech workers to unionize, Facebook's treatment of its content moderators and much more besides.


Silicon Valley’s reckoning with caste discrimination is deferred, for now

In Santa Clara court Cisco argues against its employees' civil rights.


Grassroots gigworker activism, brought to you by… Uber

As Uber and other gig economy companies struggle towards profitability during a global pandemic, it seems they're busy laying the astroturf in preparation for a nationwide legislative push to restrict the pay and benefits of gig economy workers.


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