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Veronica Irwin

New Letter from Alphabet Workers Union Condemns Google Management of Workplace Harassment

After an Op-Ed in The New York Times from former-Googler Emi Nietfeld made waves, the Alphabet Workers Union demanded real changes from CEO Sundar Pichai.


Techworker Podcast: Amazon’s meltdown, Elon’s ethical education


A Q&A with Dr. Hadas Kress-Gazit, robotics researcher who pulled-out of a Google workshop in support of AI ethicists

Dr Kress-Gazit talks with Techworker about how she made her decision to go public in her support of the ex-Googlers, and shared some advice for other workers considering the same.


Uber and Lyft announces new safety program, for everyone except drivers

This past Friday, Uber and Lyft announced their new Industry Sharing Safety Program, a collaboration with workplace solutions company HireRight to share information on drivers who have had their accounts deactivated for serious offenses like sexual assault or murder.


Tech CEOs want to disrupt education. What could possibly go wrong?

What happens when Elon Musk asks you to help build his school?


New report examines how attacks on Big Tech affect workers

It’s hard to build solidarity amidst a “Techlash” when companies don’t allow their employees to feel


Medium Workers Union earns majority support from employees, but narrowly misses company recognition

Though a majority (52%) of workers voted to recognize the union, the union was just one vote shy of being recognized by Medium according to terms both the company and organizers had initially agreed to.


Wave of techworkers speak out about toxic culture at large tech companies

Employees at Google, Amazon, Mailchimp and Salesforce have alleged discriminatory treatment in the last two weeks.


Can UX design really fix tech’s misinformation problem?

Few UX designers enter the field because they hope to manipulate users’ political opinions. And yet here we are.


After Trump, some tech workers ask: “Are We the Baddies?”

An increasing number of tech workers, at a wide range of companies, are deeply worried at how their employers have exacerbated inequality, extremism, and polarization across the planet.