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Tech Support: How can I cope with my meaningless job, and maddening manager?

Claire Stapleton advises a tech worker whose new manager fills her with rage.


Meat Suit: What workplace injuries are doing to your brain

It's 5:45AM, and chances are there's someone heading to work in the cold, feeling their back seize up as their orthopedic shoes slip slightly on the overnight ice, knowing that the ominous electric jolt running down their leg will only worsen throughout the upcoming shift in the area fulfillment center.

Meat Suit

Meat Suit: Your lymphatic system likes the way you move

As we near the end of 2020, our thoughts naturally turn to the damage we’ve done to our bodies in the previous twelve months and how we resolve to fix them in 2021. What better time, then, to bring you the very first installment of ‘Meat Suit’, Leigh Cowart’s regular Techworker column about how work affects various parts of the human body. This week… the lymphatic system!